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AARTO fines follow strict guidelines, timeframes and costs. Once a deadline is missed,and the fine is not paid, specific steps are taken by RTIA and these steps all cost you extra money.

The aim of Traffic Fine Manager is to save you, the road user and our client, that additional cost and money.

We start by collecting data of unpaid fines, present this in a report which shows where we can save you money. 

We will then pay all fines, to have a clean slate, and then start to manage the fines on your behalf, whether you are a fleet owner, or the owner of a driving license card

AARTO Process and Steps

Cost indicated based on Regulations and Schedule 3 published October 2020


  • Collect data and prepare report of unpaid fines – AARTO only – R50
  • Collect data and prepare report of unpaid fines – AARTO and non-AARTO – R75
  • Pay fine – R50
  • Pay Courtesy Letter – R50
  • Pay Enforcement Order – R50
  • Pay Court Order – R50
  • Pay Warrant of Arrest – R50
  • Nominate driver of vehicle – R125
  • Do representation to cancel or reduce fine – R120
  • Address No Admission of Guilt Notice – POA

Traffic fine subscription service – POA:

-Receive notification of fines issued in real time
-Maximize savings for on-time payment of fines
-Avoid Courtesy Letters and Enforcement Orders
-Avoid blockages on e-NaTIS

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